Please introduce yourself, where are you from, how old are you, what is your fighting

,, Hi everyone my name is James McSweeney, I am 37 years old. In muaythai I am 149wins 9 loses. In k1 I am 43 wins 2loses in mma I have 18wins 15loses. I hold 6world heavyweight muaythai title. I have 3world MMA heavyweight world titles.”

How long have you been doing MMA ? Has anyone ever led you to it?

,, I have been fighting mma for the past 10years, i have fought for the biggest organisations in the world from UFC to onefc and ksw. I went into mma after k1 Japan was finishing and MMA was really flying fast. I got opportunity to be in the UFC so I took it.”

MMA is a complex sport, what do you enjoy the most about it?

,, MMA was great and refreshing as I had been in stand up striking arts for so long it was anew challenge to learn new techniques like wrestling and Jiujitsu.”

Where are you currently training and who is your trainer?

,, I currently live in phuket Thailand I own my own gym in patong (mcsweeney fight factory) my training style has always been Dutch style muay Thai I train under legend Lucien Carbin. “

What do you think is your biggest sport success?

,, My biggest sport success wow that’s hard to say, beating k1 legend american champion Michael McDonald was great, being in the Xbox ufc game as my own character was also fun. Over the past 20years as a professional there has been many highs. I’m truly blessed. “

Where fans could see you in the near future? Do you have any matches planned?

,, Where fans can see me, I fight April 27th for the WBC world heavyweight muaythai title in Thailand it will be shown worldwide on NBC.”

What are your plans for 2018? Where would you like to move in your career?

,, 2018 I have many plans I have built a 5 year plan for myself so far it’s coming together nicely, I fought k1 turkey January just gone won via knockout 2nd round, then of course I fight end April for another title, I have many fight offers right now but I’m very interested in keeping my options open and dealing with the very best in the industry to make the best fights for the fans.”

Few years back you were part of the UFC organization, how did you like to fight for such a
popular organization?

,, Fighting for the UFC was amazing, I was treated very well and great to fight the best in the world for so long time.”

Do you ever plan to be  part of the UFC organization again?

,, I never say never, but right now 2018 I am not interested there are some personal achievements I like to make in k1 and muaythai.”

Then you showed yourself in also well known event KSW 34, where you fought your last fight
against Karl Bedorf and lost TKO in the first round. How would you rate your opponent?

,, Fight Karol bedorf was ok he won the fight fair. I can not say anything. I made a mistake and payed the price. If Karol and I fought now it would be a different story that’s for sure. I already beat there Heavyweight Champion.”

Do you have anyone who is motivating or inspiring you?

,, My wife inspires me. My daughter motivates me and my own drive to achieve my goals and dreams. I’m a fighter, this is my life I have committed everything to the sport of fighting I keep myself driven.”

What is your most memorable match? Respectively, do you have any of your matches that
sticks out and you will remember it forever?

,, Yes there are many fights that stick out to me looking back. Beating Japanese k1 champion Takeru, we had 3 round absolute war we both could not walk after. I had fastest knockout in mma 9sec in London that was amazing. Beating Dion starring from Holland in 30 seconds he did not lay a hand on me. All great memory’s.”

Is there anyone specific who you would like to stand up against in octagon?

,, There are many people I would like to fight in the octagon but not for personal just that they are great fighters a s I want to always fight the best and test myself.”

Are you in habit of losing weight before the match? How much and how do you take it?

,, No I do not lose weight before fights I am heavyweight and always maintain a healthy life style and train everyday.”

What does that the family say? Do they support you?

,, My family always support me where ever I fight and always has. I’m very lucky.”

What are your hobbies besides fighting?

,, My hobbies usually playing with my family I love movies , eating out. I live in thailand so I love spending time in the sea it feels good on the beach.”

What is your message to young people and your fans?

,, My message I’d like to thank them all for there support it means everything. Stay focused in life, sometimes doing the right thing is not the easiest thing. Always be the Shepard never the sheep.”